Immigration Overview

Human migration is as old as humankind. Our ancestors were on the move long before nations and countries were founded. At The Visa Law Center, we believe the right to travel is fundamental, and that labor should flow as freely as capital. Regrettably, the United States is in an intensely restrictive phase of its long and pendular immigration history. Congress and many state legislatures have passed legislation that is at odds with the fundamental reality of our current immigration situation. When we will have meaningful immigration reform is anyone’s guess. Since 2001, we have been expecting legislation that would normalize the plight of the millions who now live in the shadows of antiquated immigration laws; however, enlightened reform simply has not come. Against this backdrop, Dorminey & Cox, LLC works, case by case, to assist American businesses in finding the employees they need, and to help families and individuals realize their immigration dreams. Although in today’s political and legal environment there is not always a satisfactory solution to every immigration problem, we at The Visa Law Center endeavor to put our education, training, experience, skill, creativity, and energy to work to help our clients achieve the best outcome available to them.