In 2000, attorneys Blair Dorminey and David Cox, partners in a legal tech start-up WebEsq, LLC, organized Dorminey & Cox, LLC/The Visa Law Center as an Internet-based immigration law firm. The focus of this spin-off project was to be primarily on H-1B and L-1 visas for software engineers and programmers for “hi-tech” ventures that were booming in the new millenium. The new firm, officially launched in April 2001, was an early adopter of, and beta client for, innovative law practice management tools and information technology (IT). In short order, demand for the firm’s legal services surpassed all expectations, and founders Dorminey and Cox devoted their full time to immigration legal practice, hiring staff and opening “brick and mortar” law offices in Athens and Atlanta, Georgia.

Since its inception, The Visa Law Center has successfully and professionally handled thousands of immigration cases, in virtually all areas of immigration practice. In the process, it has employed and trained many lawyers, legal assistants, and support personnel. We are proud that many of our alumni have gone on to found their own firms or to attend law school.

Today, The Visa Law Center is returning to its roots — as an innovative law firm that uses the best in technology for the benefit of its clients. In 2013, we expect again to become a truly “paperless” law firm. We also plan to become “location-less”, capitalizing on technology to allow us to deliver state-of-the-art immigration legal services from anywhere to anywhere, worldwide.